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Originals & Covers (Remixed)



A tour of Jillene's various work, Performances and Productions. 

Solo Piano & Vocal Lounge Music for Apero, Dinner, or Afterhours.

Groove Cocktail DUO clips with Saxophonist/Singer Dennis Bullock

Deluxe Live Lounge DUO clips with Sax. Ft. Soulsax & Stephan Meister

Lush Lounge (duo with Philippe G) Live Performance  

Pirelli Calendar Launch

Groove Cocktail

Performing Sexual Healing

Near Paris, France

New Single Release

"Yoga Beach Club"

"Into The Sun" Ibiza Sunset Chill Collaboration with A. Vögele

My first song on Cafe del Mar - YAY!

Soul Connection

"Dance with Me"

Collaboration with Alex Voegele

Composition for Zurich Insurance (Züriversicherung) Event

My Soundtracks on Marco Tempest's

Virtual Magician Television series

won a Telly Prize 

A Piano Solo Tribute

To the beautiful People in my life

Past and Present

Travel Beyond

Cosmic Chill Meditation Music

Video by Jillene Luce

Mission Statement:


My goal is, through my music, to trigger a special warmth and emotion in people, a fresh yet ancient feeling, an "inner smile" ....


I want to inspire.

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Jillene on Youtube

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